Väle pätt

Adventure orienteering VÄLE PÄTT



It is a selection orienteering event where you can choose which checkpoints (CP) to pick up. So you choose your own route distance and direction.

The word adventure refers to some special tasks which take place in some of the CP-s and that ad some excitement to the competition. The name’s first part VÄLE means fast and PÄTT is something you can move quickly with – a shoe (it is a word in dialects). It is also possible to participate by bicycle.



15th of December 2018 (Saturday)


10.30 Gathering (parking, issue of competition materials)
11.45 Last track information
12.00 Start
16.00 Finish (last time to come out of the forest)
15.00-17.00 Shower and eating
ca 1700 Rewarding



Liiva, Muhu island, Estonia

Competition center (HQ) is in the sports center of Muhu.



Participants: 2-4-member teams

Categories: men (HH), women (DD), mixed (HD), family (PERE, members from different generations and from the same family), bike (RATAS). It is also possible to participate alone. You will get the result, but it is not a separate category.



The teams get the maps before the start (and rental SI cards if you do not have your personal card). Every team member has to have one SI-card. SI card is an electronic device that registries your movement in CP-s. The CP-s on the track are marked with orienteering marks (orange and white) and you receive different amount of points from taking the CP-s. The points depend on the difficulty and distance form the HQ.

The maximum time is 4 hours. The team who gets the most points is the winner. Every minute over time (finishing after 16:00) gives minus 1 point. In the CP-s with extra tasks the instructions are either written or given verbally by an instructor.



Send an e-mail to v2lep2tt@gmail.com with data:

Team name First and last name Age Category SI card number




HH/DD/HD/Family/Bike (RENT or personal SI card nr)


Participation fee per face:

Until 30.11 15 euros
Until 12.12 20 euros

Children under 18 participate for free in the first registration time limit (remember to mention the age in registration).

The participation fee must be transferred to MTÜ SAAREMAA ORIENTEERUMISKLUBI current account. Clarification (details) is the team name you are paying for and number of members. We will not pay back the fee if you cannot participate in some reason. Please make sure to make one payment per team.



Name: MTÜ Saaremaa orienteerumisklubi

IBAN: EE071010602007909000

Adress: Kuressaare, Vallimaa 16a

Country: Estonia


Amount: 30.00

Details: Team SALSA participation, two members



WHY to come

It is a good change to spend a day with, friends and family. The best teams of different categories will be promoted.

If you think you are not good at orienteering, then this event still gives you a chance to participate because you can make your own route and move as long distance as you want. So, everyone is very welcome.



The HQ is open throughout the competition and you can leave your personal stuff there. Every participator is responsible for their health condition. Parents are responsible for their children under 18.

Equipment: a good friend, flashlight/headlamp, compass, cloves, drinking water. Helmet is compulsory when participating by bicycle and a map holder is recommended.











See you in the forest


Tiiu Naagel

VÄLE PÄTT organizer

+372 56 82 01 36